Lezyme Syrup

The lezyme syrup from Leo Nutriscience is filled with the goodness of Fungal diastase, iron, and folic acid. It is a complete solution for people looking for a supplement that will help them with their iron deficiency. As you may already know, iron deficiency can cause an anemic reaction and many other chronic ailments, and the sooner it is treated, the better it is. With this product, you can not just treat iron deficiency, but also relieve the symptoms that come with it.

Brand: Lezyme
Packaging Type: Bottle
Quantity: 200 ml (Pack of 2)
Product / Package Color: Yellow; Item Form: Syrup
Target Audience: Unisex
Composition: Pepsin with Diastase Syrup
Package Contents: 1 Lezyme 200 ml
Manufacturer‏: LEO Nutriscience


Diastase And Pepsin Syrup

This diastase And pepsin syrup from Leo Nutriscience relieves iron deficiency symptoms like poor digestion. So bowel disturbances, flatulence, and abdominal spasms can be got rid of easily. In many older people, digestion becomes a health issue to be dealt with every day because the digestive enzymes are not secreted well enough.

Digestion issues can cause a lot of problems in daily life and they can become chronic in nature if not treated soon enough. For them, this nutritional supplement can work at making sure that the digestive system works optimally.

Taking in a nutritional supplement can often help in treating conditions that ail the body. This lezyme syrup from Leo Nutriscience is available easily and should be taken daily for the effects to be apparent. Even if you are taking any other medicine, it should not cause any problems or side effects. Get in touch with us today to buy your supply of this nutritional health supplement and see the difference it makes to your health!


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