Human Milk Fortifier Sachet Manufacturers

Leo Nutriscience is one of the most preferred human milk fortifier sachet manufacturers by offering quality of products. This nutritional supplement ensures that the body gets maximum nutrients for healing and recovery, as well as maximizing calcium and phosphorus absorption. It is also a complete fortifier for expressed breast milk, which is perfect for feeding low birth weight infants. Leo Nutriscience is a human milk fortifier sachet third party manufacturer.


Human Milk Fortifier Sachet

Human milk fortifier sachet helps the body absorb more phosphorus and calcium, which can improve metabolism and increase the production of red blood cells. It may also reduce the risk of heart disease and breast cancer. Additionally, this medication can prevent diarrhea, cell damage and various tissue and skin diseases. This sachet provides you proteins and calories that are essential for premature babies in order to meet their unique nutritional requirements. In addition, this also aids in their growth and development.

Human Milk Fortifier Sachet Manufacturers in India

We are making our mark in the national and international healthcare markets by bringing primarily nutrition products for infants, toddlers and adults. As human milk fortifier sachet manufacturers in India and also exporter, our primary target is to provide healthy and safe products to our customers for their better health and improve their life quality with our supplements.


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