Folic Acid Gummies Manufacturer

Leo Nutriscience’s Folic Acid Gummies are designed to help pregnant women get the nutrients they need during pregnancy. We’re known for high-quality folic acid gummies manufacturers in all over India, and our products are essential for a healthy baby’s brain and spinal cord development.

Folic acid can also help improve haemoglobin levels, increase red blood cell count, and prevent anaemia. Plus, it helps improve the appearance of skin and maintain skin health. It will provide complete solutions for all of your problems with these gummies. Leo Nutriscience is a folic acid gummies third party manufacturer in India.


Leo Nutriscience Folic Acid Gummies are designed to help with overall good health by providing antioxidant, immunity, and mineral support. They can help to increase the count of red blood cells, which are essential to prevent deficiency and anaemia.

They are also vital before and during pregnancy for the baby’s brain and spinal cord development. In addition, folic acid gummies may help increase haemoglobin levels that are necessary for carrying oxygen within our body. They can also improve the absorption of iron. Lastly, they may aid in moisture retention in the skin and reduce skin dryness. All of these benefits can lead to an increase in collagen production in the skin and a reduction in signs of ageing.


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