Betaine HCl Capsules Manufacturer

Betaine hydrochloride is an acidic form of betaine and a vitamin-like substance that helps produce stomach acid. This is important because stomach acid aids in the digestion of food by breaking it down into smaller units. Leo Nutriscience believes that Betaine HCl Capsules come with digestive enzymes, which further aids digestion and helps with the production of stomach acid for easy digestion of food. This well-thought-out formula is beneficial for anyone seeking enhanced digestion of food and solves several stomach-related issues caused by less production of HCl in the stomach. Leo Nutriscience is a betaine HCl capsules third party manufacturer.


Betaine HCl Capsules Manufacturer

Betaine HCL is a helpful supplement for those suffering from allergies, asthma, gallstones and rheumatoid arthritis as it helps to reduce food sensitivities. This is because Betaine HCL aids in protein digestion and these individuals do not produce adequate amounts of stomach acid on their own. This quality assurance procedures and good manufacturing practices. For all of these reason Leo Nutriscience is known as one of the best Betaine HCl Capsules Manufacturer in all over the India.

These capsules are formulated with natural stomach acids to support proper digestion. Hydrochloric Acid (HCL) is an important component of stomach acidity which helps the digestion of proteins by activating pepsin. Pepsin helps to maintain a healthy gut flora balance and also stimulates the release of intestinal enzymes.


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