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ADK capsule is a dietary supplement that contains a combination of Calcium Carbonate, Vitamin D3, Vitamin A and Vitamin K2-7. Calcium is used to hinder or treat low blood calcium levels in people who don’t get adequate calcium from their eating regimens. Calcium is critical for the turn of events and headway of bones. Nutrient D3 helps in the assimilation of calcium in the blood. Vitamin D3 also helps in the processing of essential minerals in the body, such as Calcium and Phosphorus. Lack of Vitamin D3 can result in bone weakening, bone pain and skin diseases. Leo Nutriscience is an ADK capsules third party manufacturer.


Leo Nutriscience is introducing our new doctor-prescribed blend supplement, which includes everything you need in one capsule. We are most recommended as the ADK Capsules Manufacturer in India. This supplement contains Vitamin A, a fat-soluble vitamin that plays multiple roles in the body.

Vitamin A is essential for normal development, growth, and maintenance of bones and cardiovascular functions. It also helps stimulate osteoblasts to secrete proteins needed for bone mineralization, including osteocalcin – a protein that depends on Vitamin K2. Together, Vitamins A and D support osteocalcin output and the regulation of osteoclasts and osteoblasts.


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